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4 listening resources for literature lovers

Tell me, which do you prefer?   Reading an email from a colleague in English or talking on the phone with them? Relaxing in the evening with a book in English or a film without subtitles? Reading a blog post or listening to a podcast?   If you learned...

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Podcast 18: What You Should Listen To

2 weeks ago, I told you that you shouldn’t listen to TED talks.   That episode is now my most popular one on Soundcloud.   It seems you like to be told what’s not good for you.   So let’s talk about what you should listen to.   First a disclaimer...

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Are listening tests a waste of time?

What do you think of traditional listening tests? Are they:   A useful way to check your listening abilities. A stressful exercise that scares you just thinking about it. A complete waste of time that encourages you to guess answers.   If you answered 1)...

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