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Podcast 18: What You Should Listen To

2 weeks ago, I told you that you shouldn’t listen to TED talks.   That episode is now my most popular one on Soundcloud.   It seems you like to be told what’s not good for you.   So let’s talk about what you should listen to.   First a disclaimer...

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Are listening tests a waste of time?

What do you think of traditional listening tests? Are they:   A useful way to check your listening abilities. A stressful exercise that scares you just thinking about it. A complete waste of time that encourages you to guess answers.   If you answered 1)...

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Podcast 17: Why You Shouldn’t Listen to TED Talks

Have you heard of TED talks? TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. TED organises conferences twice a year and invites THE BEST speakers from different areas such as business, education and literature. You can watch almost all of these talks for free on...

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How Jaume Dictated His Listening Success

If you follow what I do, then you’ll know that my conversational listening programme, Dictate Your Listening Success (DYLS), is starting next Monday, January 30th. I ran this programme for the first time last November into December. I had never done anything like this...

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Podcast 16: Less is More in Listening

Welcome to the very first episode of Cara’s Fast, Natural English podcast in 2017. I’m glad you could make it. I’ve been reading the feedback from the Leo Listening community on the topics you’d like to hear more of. One of the more popular ideas was to discuss...

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