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Conversational English can be hard to understand. It’s not like the written words you’re used to on a page. It’s fast. It’s disorganised. Speakers start a sentence, change their mind, start again, hesitate, don’t speak in full sentences…. How are you supposed to follow and participate in conversations with fluent speakers when they talk like that?
I created this guide to help you navigate through the chaos. You don’t need an English-speaking conversation partner to practise with. You need the right resources and activities that help you understand what you’re hearing and get you ready for real life conversations. In Understand Conversational English you’ll find resources and activities I’ve used with real learners like you in my online listening lessons.

After you sign up for my guide, you’ll get a downloadable copy straight to your inbox. You’ll also receive some of my best listening tips by email, so you can make the most of the guide and get ready for real life conversations. I’ll also send you a bonus resource to help you make daily listening progress.

Free e-guide: Understand Conversational English

Here’s what fellow online English teachers said about the guide

This guide is exactly what you need if you struggle with listening. The advice is super actionable and Cara really knows her stuff. The design is very snazzy too!

James Granahan

Owner , Lingua Materna

I downloaded this guide and really liked it. It gets to the point and explains some really good strategies to solve the listening problem. It’s also so pleasant to look at!

Max Ahumada

Owner , Max English

Cara Leopold is a great teacher whose focus is to help students improve their listening skills by using authentic resources ( with “real” English, that is, materials that weren’t designed to be used in an EFL classroom)

I myself downloaded her free e-guide and I was highly impressed. She gives precise tips on how to use interviews, transcripts, podcasts, dictations, pronunciation techniques… really worth it for both students and teachers alike.

Cecilia Nobre

English Teacher , Cecília Personal English

The only resources you need

Not sure where to find high-quality websites and podcasts where you can listen to authentic, conversational English? I give you my 5 favourite resources and how to use them.

Real life listening practice

Fed up of boring comprehension questions? Discover exercises that help you understand and interact with the recordings so you can get ready for listening in real life.

Train your ear

Don’t have a musical ear? Discover a simple, but effective pronunciation activity that tunes your ear to the rhythm of English and boosts your listening comprehension skills.

Make progress

Still practicing listening and not progressing? Make and track your progress with my “structure your listening sheet”. Discover the exact steps to take, so your self-study practice becomes fun and effective!