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Let me help you understand spoken English

Working with me can help you

  • Understand conversational English without translating
  • Be understood better when you speak English.
  • Improve your English pronunciation: stress, rhythm, intonation.
  • Understand different accents.
  • Learn “spoken” English vocabulary and grammar.
  • Learn how to listen independently.
  • Find resources online for developing your listening skills.

Also, when you choose to learn with me you become a Very Important Listener (VIL) on my email list. That means you’ll get extra, free goodies in my weekly email that no-one else has access to like:

  • PDF versions of my blog posts
  • PDF versions of my podcast show notes and activities
  • Invitations to VIL-only live lessons every few months

You’ll receive these freebies no matter how much or how little you spend. As long as you’re subscribed, you’ll get them every week.

Leo Listening Level Test

Leo Listening Level Test

Are you new here? Do you want to learn with me? Great! Take the Leo Listening Level Test to get started. It’s not like the listening tests you did at school. It’s a true test of your conversational listening skills.

Leo Listening Products

Audiobooks and live lesson pack

Want to better understand spoken English, but don’t have enough time or money? I’ve created these products with you in mind. You can use them whenever and wherever you are. Plus they won’t cost the earth.

Film Fortnight

Film Fortnight

Are you a movie fan? Would you love to watch entire films in English? Watching a whole 2-hour film can be intimidating.

Join me to watch 10 clips from 3 of my favourite films and learn how to understand them. You’ll also get access to the Leo Listening Level Test as a bonus (value 5€).

dictate your listening success

Dictate Your Listening Success

Transform your listening in 3 weeks with 60 conversational dictations to transcribe with your smartphone.

dictate your listening success

VIL (Very Important Listener) programmes

Do you need some individual support to better understand conversational English? Let me create a 1:1 dictations programme for you.

Leo Listening Level Test

Skype lessons

Do you want to talk to me on Skype? You can, but only through iTalki, an online platform where you can teach and learn different languages. I’m available for instant tutoring, informal tutoring and listening lessons. (NB the link below is an affiliate link – thanks for your support)

About Cara and Leo Listening

About Cara and Leo Listening

Hi, I'm Cara Leopold, the online English listening teacher at Leo Listening. I help bookworms and vocab nerds who prefer reading to listening get conversation-ready by teaching them how to understand fast, informal spoken English without translating in their heads. 

Click here to learn more about my story and how I can help you.