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Film Fortnight

Freedom from Subtitles

Fed up of watching your favourite films and series with the subtitles? Let’s get rid of them.

Freedom from subtitles is a 4-week individual programme where we work together to help you understand your favourites series without the subtitles. No Skype lessons, just daily activities to help you understand 4 clips over the 4 weeks.

Your investment: 250€ if you choose from a pre-selection of series. 500€ for a fully customised version with the series or film of your choice.

Enrolment for February is open. Sign up by Friday February 2nd. Start date: Monday February 12th.

5 spots available

Film Fortnight

Movie Mindset Shift

Are you a movie fan? Would you love to watch entire films in English? Watching a 2-hour film without subtitles is intimidating. Time to change your mindset and watch clips rather than whole film.

Movie Mindset Shift is a 4-week listening challenge. Join me to watch 10 clips from 3 of my favourite films and eliminate the urge to throw your laptop out of the window.

Your investment: 50€

About Cara and Leo Listening

About Cara and Leo Listening

Hi, I’m Cara Leopold, the online English listening teacher at Leo Listening. I help bookworms and vocab nerds who prefer reading to listening break free from subtitles.

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