You turn on HBO to watch an episode of Girls. You're excited to watch it without the subtitles.

But you don't understand a word of it.

You’ve been learning English for years. You feel guilty about still needing subtitles when you watch TV in English. You want to finally understand your favourite series without the subtitles and without panicking when you don’t catch a bit.

Freedom from Subtitles

Freedom from subtitles is a 4 week individual programme with daily activities to help you understand your favourite film or series without the subtitles and without panicking if you miss a bit.

Life after Freedom from Subtitles

You don’t waste time re-winding and re-listening to all the little bits you didn’t catch

You watch movies and series without panicking about every missed word

You turn the subtitles off and watch the sexy actors and use the gestures and the scenery to help you understand

You’re motivated and excited to learn English again

You’ve got more time to take your dogs out on walks or read that Stephen King novel that’s sitting by your bed

You can put on the subtitles guilt-free when you need them

Before I met you, I felt guilty or even stupid when I watched movies. I really couldn’t imagine that I could improve my listening skills – until I tried your exercises. your course helped me change my mindset: I no longer beat myself up for not understanding.

Veronika Palovska

Copy writing and Branding Coach for Teachers , Do you Speak Freedom?

Why do I need this?

Watch a film in the normal time of 1.5 to 2 hours instead of 3 because you’re not wasting time rewinding and listening to ALL the bits you didn’t catch.

With all that extra time you can devote more of it to reading your favourite books in English, doing yoga and watercolours.

Learn how to talk naturally about your favourite series

Learn new vocabulary from the episodes or film and how to use them in context

Discover all the listening difficulties that are stopping you from understanding

Discover new ways to understand what you watch without doing the boring exercises your remember from school

No Skype lessons to schedule – just daily work via Google Docs to complete and send me.

Your investment:

250€ if you choose from a pre-selection of series (Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, the Ellen Show)

500€ for a fully customised version where you pick the film or series you want to understand

I’ll also send you my audiobooks for free when you sign up. Value: 15€

How do I sign up?

  • Click the big grey and yellow buttons above
  • Pay via Paypal
  • Get the confirmation email within 24 hours
  • Fill out the questionnaire to tell me what film/series you want to work on
  • Read the welcome pack
  • Once I know what you want to work on, I’ll email you when the programme is ready with a link to your Google Drive folder and Trello board.
  • We get started a week later
  • Stuck? Have questions? Need a payment plan? Email me:

What do I get?

  • 4 weeks of coaching via Google Documents and Trello
  • Personal Google Drive folder
  • Personal Trello board
  • Watch and understand 4 clips of your favourite series
  • Identify your personal listening difficulties with my help
  • Make 4 recordings of yourself talking about the clip for a minute and get my feedback 
  • Make 4 recordings of you pronouncing extracts from the clips and get my feedback 
  • Compete a Memrise vocabulary course with all the new vocabulary from the clips
  • Watch 4 videos to discover the listening difficulties in each clip


Your investment:

250€ if you choose from a pre-selection of series (Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Downton Abbey, Gilmore Girls, the Ellen Show)

500€ for a fully customised version where you pick the film or series you want to understand


Who is this for?

  • Non-native speakers of English who are fed up of watching their favourite series or films with subtitles
  • Non-native speakers who’ve been learning English for at least a year and have a B2 or upper-intermediate level
  • People who have a gmail or Google Drive account

Who is this not for?

  • Beginner and pre-intermediate (A1/A2) learners of English
  • People who’ve been learning English for less than a year
  • People who want to meet on Skype

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to spend per day on the programme?

You’ll have daily exercises to do such as listening to the clip or recording yourself talking about it. Each one should take no longer than half an hour. Some exercises may take as little as 10 minutes.

What happens if I can't keep up with the work?

I’ll check in with you if I’m not receiving any work from you to see if everything’s okay. But you must tell me as soon as possible.

I can add one additional week onto the programme to give you time to catch up. After that, the work will still be available to do, but I won’t add my feedback and comments.


What if I don't have Trello?

Trello is a simple, free tool that’s easy to install and use. It enables you to show me your progress and communicate with me. I’ll show you how to use it.

What's the refund policy?

There isn’t one. If you’re not sure that the programme is for you, you can do a 1-week trial for 75€. The trial payment is non-refundable. Once the trial is offer, you can pay the remaining balance for the programme. If you’d like a trial, please request one by emailing me at

About Cara and Leo Listening

About Cara and Leo Listening

Hi, I’m Cara Leopold, the online English listening teacher at Leo Listening. I help non-native speakers get conversation-ready by teaching them how to understand fast, informal spoken English without translating.

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