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Welcome to my links page. Here you’ll find links for both learners and teachers that I’ve found useful and I’m personally recommending to you. Certain links are affiliate links which means I’ll get a commission if you choose to make a purchase through the link. I only support products and services that I think are genuinely beneficial to my audience. Thanks for your support.

For Learners


Is your English rude? Have you ever thought about it before? You might speak English well, but if you don’t understand the culture, you could end up offending native speakers. In The CultureSensitive Phrasebook, Leandra teaches you the expression you need to be polite in 6 culturally sensitive situations.

You can read my review of The Culture Sensitive Phrasebook here.

You can get a copy here.

NB this is an affiliate link so I’ll receive a commission if you decide to buy it. Thanks for supporting independent, online teachers like myself and Leandra.

Leandra King is a native English speaker and online teacher from Barbados. She is the founder of English with Leandra where she teaches non-native English speakers everyday, casual conversational English, specifically how to socialise and fit in with native English speakers. To learn how to fit in better with native English speakers, click here to get her free guide and email course.

When you’re learning a language, your goals can seem like a distant dream and motivation can be hard to find. So how do you get there? By making your language learning or your listening into a habit. Kerstin from Fluent has already learned 8 languages and has put her expertise to good use by creating the Language Habit Toolkit.

You can read my review of The Language Habit Toolkit here.

You can get a copy here.

NB this is an affiliate link so I’ll receive a commission if you decide to buy it. Thanks for supporting independent, online teachers.

Skype lessons

Want to Skype with me? I’m now an instant tutor on iTalki. If we’re online at the same time and you want to practise your speaking, then you can do so through the iTalki platform. I also offer Skype listening lessons through the platform.

For others ways to learn with me that don’t involve Skype lessons, please click here.

Italki is an online learning marketplace where you can learn any language online with thousands of professional teachers and community tutors. You can even find a language partner. (NB these iTalki links are affiliate links – thanks for your support)

For Teachers

Teacherpreneur Tips

Want to create a freelance teaching service that will survive and thrive beyond the three-year death cycle? Take a look at Janine’s website, Entrepreneurial Freelance Teachers.

Online Teaching Tools

Looking for an alternative to Skype that lets you do webinars too? Try Zoom.

Wondering how I created my listening test? I used Classmarker


Have a WordPress website? Don’t want to deal with the stress of backups, updates and security issues? You don’t have to! You can get Click WP to take care of it all for you. I do that so all I need to worry about is creating useful content.


Are you a podcaster like me? Do you need a transcription of your episodes? Try Rev.

Looking for free theme music to use in your podcast intro or outro? Mine comes from Podcast Themes.

Need somewhere to host your podcast? I’m using Soundcloud.


Want to build a relationship with your subscribers through email? Mailchimp is helping me do that.

Take your teaching online

Stop stressing about how to take your teaching online

Thinking of taking your teaching online? But don’t have a clue how to? Teaching online already and spending every weekend planning lessons? To eliminate the stress of online lesson planning, Lindsay from Lindsay does Languages has created an ebook to save you time and money: 100 Creative Ideas for Online Language Teachers.

It’s not just an ebook, it’s 100 creative teaching ideas for every area of language over 9 chapters (speaking, listening, vocab…+ organisation and promotion). Each chapter features digital companion content that supports what you learn, including tech training videos, templates + examples that you can use straight away in your lessons. (click below to get your copy NB this is an affiliate link – thanks for your support).