TERMS OF USE OF THE SITE www.leo-listening.com

By continuing to browse this site, the visitor hereby accepts abide to all the following terms of use.

The present on line version of the terms of use is the only version valid for the duration of use until it is replaced by a later version.

Article 1 – General Terms


1.1This website, called  www.leo-listening.com, will hereafter be referred to as «the Site».


1.2The person in charge of the Site (hereafter referred to as «the Site manager» is Cara LEOPOLD, a freelance agent domiciled 9 rue de la Mouillère, BESANCON 25000. The company is officially registered in BESANÇON under the registration number 522 798 602

Email address: cara@leo-listening.com

Content writer: Cara LEOPOLD

Postal address: C/o ADRG, 20 rue du Chasnot, 25000 BESANCON

1.3 Web design: Elegant Themes, Inc.

1.4 Webhost (hereafter referred to as  « the Webhost »): BLUEHOST

560 Timpanogos Parkway

Orem, UT 84097


Phone number (including international dialling code): +1 801-765-9400

Email address:: legal@bluehost.com.

Article 2 – Access to the Site

Access is reserved to users over the legal age of 18. The Site manager reserves the right to request proof of age when ordering on line services.

Access to and use of the site is strictly reserved for personal use. You are legally bound to refrain from using this site, and any of the information or data contained on it, for commercial, political, publicity or professional purposes. Any form of commercial advertising, in particular sending spam mail, is strictly prohibited.

Article 3 – Site content

All trademarks, photographs, texts, commentaries, illustrations, animated or still pictures, video and audio sequences, podcasts, sounds, together with all computer applications required to operate the Site and more generally all the material reproduced or used on the Site are fully protected by current copyright laws.

These contents all remain the property of the Site manager or its partners. Users may not copy, represent, use or adapt  in any way whatsoever any of the material, including computer applications, without the prior, full, written consent of the Site manager. Failure on behalf of the Site manager to begin legal proceeding against on offender immediately after gaining knowledge of such breaches of the agreement does not imply that permission has been granted or that legal proceeding will not be taken out.

Article 4 – Managing the Site

In order to ensure the Site works properly, the Site manager may, at any moment:

– suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or part of the Site or reserve access to all or certain parts of the Site, to certain undetermined groups of internet users;

– remove information which may hinder the running of the site or contravene any national or international laws;

–  interrupt the Site for maintenance reasons.

Article 5 – Waivers

The Site manager cannot be held legally responsible in case of failures, breakdowns, difficulties or interruptions which prevent users from accessing the site and/or its services.

Users are entirely and solely responsible for the IT equipment they use to access the Site.

You must take all possible measures to ensure your equipment and data are protected  from internet viruses.  You are entirely responsible for the sites and data that you access.

The Site manager cannot be held legally responsible if legal proceedings are taken out against you:

–  due to your using the Site or for any service accessed via Internet ;

–  as a result of your not complying to the terms of use.

The Site manager cannot be held legally responsible for any damage you or your equipment may incur, or that may be caused to a third party, due to your connexion to or use of the Site and you hereby renounce to any right to bring legal proceedings against the Site.

Should the Site have legal proceedings taken out against it due to your use of the site, the Site manager will be entitled to bring legal proceedings against you in order to obtain compensation for any damages,  costs, rulings and legal fees incurred.

Article 6 – Hypertext links

It is forbidden to set up hypertext links to all or any part of the Site without prior, written permission from the Site manager which must be requested at the following e-mail address: cara@leo-listening.com

The Site manager is entitled to refuse this permission without having to justify the decision in any way whatsoever.  Should the Site manager grant permission, it will only be for temporary purposes which may be ended at any moment without the Site manager having to justify the decision.

In all cases, all links must be removed as soon as the Site manager makes that request.

Any data and content accessed via a link to other sites is not under the responsibility of the Site manager.

Article 7 – Privacy policy

Personal information collected on this site is used by the Site manager and/or its sub-contractors mainly:

  • to manage their contacts with you and, whenever necessary, to deal with your orders;
  • to inform you by e-mail about upcoming events and newsletters.

This information is stored in the Site manager’s customer database. As it contains personal information, this database is registered with the appropriate French authority, the CNIL.

In order to comply with the French law n°78-17, modified on 6 January 1978 and concerning IT, databases and freedom of information, you have at any time the right to access, question, modify and delete data which concerns you by contacting the Site manager either through the site via the « Contact » section, or directly by letter at the following address: LEO LISTENING C/o ADRG, 20 rue du Chasnot, 25000 BESANCON or by e-mail at this address: cara@leo-listening.com .

For security reasons, and in order to avoid fraudulent enquiries, this request must include proof of your identity. Once the request has been dealt with, this proof will be disposed of.

Information collected may need to be communicated to third parties who are contracted to the Site manager in order to carry out sub-contracted tasks essential for the management of your account and to organize customer satisfaction surveys. Should any legal breaches of conduct occur this data may be obtained by simple request, if the request is substantiated by the relevant legal authority.

Whenever data is deemed essential in order to access the site, the Site manager will indicate that this data is compulsory as and when the data is requested.

When setting up your account you may choose to receive information sent by the Site manager.

If you wish to decline, please tick the relevant box on the order form.

In compliance with the afore-mentioned legal text you have the right at any time to access, correct and delete information concerning you as well to refuse to receive newsletters by simply contacting the Site at cara@leo-listening.com (or by changing the  settings in your customer account).

While browsing the Site, should you access personal data you must refrain from storing the said data, from using it without permission and from carrying out any action which may involve a breach of personal freedom or slander.  Should this occur, the Site manager cannot be held responsible.

Article 8 – Cookies – Further information and how to handle cookies

The Site is allowed to collect standard data including  ……………………………………….

Any data collected indirectly will only be used to monitor volume, type and patterns of use by those who connect to this Site and thereby improve its design and the layout for administrative and planning reasons and also to generally enhance the service provided.

While browsing this site, data from your terminal may be stored, or read, depending on what you decide.

Article 9 – Governing Law

The Terms of Use applied to this Site are governed by French law.

Article 10 – Contact

Should you have questions or need information about the Site, you may send a message to: cara@leo-listening.com