Video + worksheet: understand what you watch in English

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Have you been practising your listening for years? But you’re you still watching films and TV shows with subtitles? Most learners are stuck in the same frustrating situation: “reading” films or shows when they should be enjoying them.

But how can you understand what you watch without subtitles? You need someone who can explain the difficulties to you. And share a system to get you understanding faster.

Discover in less that 15 minutes my system for understanding what you watch in English. I’ll analyse a scene from one of my favourite films and you’ll get a worksheet to complete as you watch. Just fill out your name and email address and I’ll send you  the video and worksheets free.

How to understand what you watch in English

What do my students say about me?

I must say that I really couldn’t imagine that I could improve my listening skills – until I tried your exercises. In the past, I would try to get better by watching movies without subtitles but it was so frustrating and it didn’t really help. Before I met you, I felt guilty or even stupid when I watched movies. How could I not understand? And after all those years? Thanks to the exercises, I found out that I was doing it wrong and learned what to do instead – where to find movie clips and what to do with them to gradually build up my skills.

Veronika Palovska

Writing coach and brand strategist , Do you speak freedom?

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