Need some individual support to get your listening conversation ready?

Discover my VIL (very important listener) programmes

Have you participated in Dictate Your Listening Success? Want to continue improving your conversational listening skills? Let me create a customized, 4-week dictations programme where we laser focus on the words and expressions you find hard to catch.

If you haven’t participated in Dictate Your Listening Success, but need a focused programme to get ready for a trip abroad or just to better understand the films you watch, I can help too. Just let me know when you contact me so I can organise an initial listening assessment for you at no extra cost.

Free e-guide: Understand Conversational English

Do you want to finally understand fast, conversational English? The fastest, most effective way I’ve found to get my learners’ listening skills conversation ready is through dictations. I record typical misheard expressions so you can get used to features that are stopping you from understanding like:

  • sounds that disappear
  • sounds that join together
  • sounds that transform
  • features of unplanned speech such as hesitations or repetitions
  • and other features you don’t recognise when you “just listen”

During the programme, you’ll apply what you’ve learned to 4 examples of real English such as video clips or podcasts. After 4 weeks, you’ll feel more confident and ready to understand real spoken English in the real world.

Very Important Listener dictations programme

a 4-week WhatsApp programme to solve your comprehension difficulties
  • 120 dictations to transcribe over 4 weeks
  • personal lesson portal
  • unlimited WhatsApp and email support
  • reflective listening sheet to track your progress and reflect on your learning
  • 4 weekend assignments to apply what you’ve learned to real life
  • access to my online listening guide (over 80 listening resources) with details on how to use them
  • initial assessment (if you haven’t taken my group programme)
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VIL programmes to help you:

  • understand different accents
  • follow conversations with native speakers
  • turn off the subtitles when you watch your favourite films or shows

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