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Hi, I’m Cara Leopold, the online English listening teacher.


Does this sound like you?

You can get by in English in your chosen domain and you express yourself well. You adore the culture and you’re a vocab nerd who loves learning new words. You read a lot in English, so you pick them up easily.

But, you struggle to understand informal conversations with both native and non-native speakers. During a discussion, you try to listen and translate into your language at the same time, but while you’re doing that, the conversation continues and you’re lost.

What you really want is to follow the conversation and participate in it.

Lots of English learners struggle with the same dilemma. They learned English through reading and writing. For them, the solution to their comprehension problem is – learn more words or try to translate while listening.

What most learners don’t realise is that it’s not the words you don’t know that are the problem. It’s the words you do know!

The words you do know sound very different in spoken English, especially in fast, informal conversational English. That’s why translation won’t help you understand spoken English better.

If you want to get your listening conversation ready, you need to learn how the words you already know really sound.

Here's what I'll teach you to do


Filter redundant words to get to the important part of the message, without translating


Recognize words you already know in their different spoken forms


Discover why spoken English can be difficult to understand and learn how to listen


Understand different accents, so that you can have confident conversations with anyone

What do current students and fellow teachers say about me?

Cara Leopold is a great teacher whose focus is to help students improve their listening skills by using authentic resources ( with “real” English, that is, materials that weren’t designed to be used in an EFL classroom)

I myself downloaded her free e-guide and I was highly impressed. She gives precise tips on how to use interviews, transcripts, podcasts, dictations, pronunciation techniques… really worth it for both students and teachers alike.

Cecilia Nobre

English Teacher , Cecília Personal English

It’s a new way of learning, but it’s new way of learning a new language. It’s a new world because it’s a world of the ears.

Martine Vigan

Dermatologist, current online student

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